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Quotes from the Kingman forum that I've collected over the years.

Kingman USA Forum:
painguin said:
Scenario play is fun and all but alot of people just get into a mindset that they are in a military engagement.I must say 80+% of these people have tippmans which lead to people like us biased idiots looking down upon a certain marker.Its not the companys fault its the users. Just the rambilings of an idiot here.
vikingshadow said:
I did about crap my pants, but only cause it took so long to play and I really had to go! I was just stinking up the place so bad, but I didn't want to leave in the middle of the game. I thought all the noise from my farting was gonna give my position away - but I didn't need to worry about that - if they'd gotten close enough they would have just passed out from the smell!
Someone else help this guy - I'm through with him!
Dunkler Engel said:
eh Germans....
Damn skippy!
Hoppy11 said:
Why anyone would go to war with us blows my mind.
teamclaustrophobia said:
i know! are we the only sane people?
i walk like 6bps and i look like ET when i do it 
trashguy said:
I was surprised to see someone snapping at Viking. He's got 6318 posts, and the vast majority of them are worth listening to.

Nothing personal, Viking, but I didn't care much about your air conditioner. Maybe that's because I haven't seen anything but rain and 50 degree temps for a month. LOL I'm probably going to grow webbing between my toes and get those big, lemur kind of eyes pretty soon if I don't see the sun.

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